Eat, eat, eat

I’ve just eaten my weight in food,

That’s not possible but I’m in that mood,

A foodie treat is just the thing,

Some chorizo or a chicken wing.

Food is for fuel scientists say,

Food is also tastey, wahey!

Michelin star or gourmet,

Ice-cream whilst you watch a play!

Food cheers me up when I feel down inside,

But food is not the place to hide.

It’s yummy and it gives us what we need,

I can’t live off quinoa or some seed.

It’s finding a balance with what we eat,

Veg and fibre as well as meat.

One more chip though and I’ll be done,

Oh no, it’s happened again, food has won!


KFC charging forward

KFC are helping you out whilst you eat,

Yes the next time you grab a greasy treat,

You might notice your phone battery is low,

And to dispel your mobile based woe,

You can now charge your phone from the box containing your food,

Won’t that put you in a good mood,

Because their food is self-termed “finger lickin”,

But be sure you don’t get your phone greasy from the chicken,

And the name? Well I never,

For KFC it’s rather clever,

It’s called ‘Watt a box’,

KFC you sly fox,

A puntastic AND useful package,

How will our senses manage,

With all those secret spices,

AND full battery on our devices!

So courgette pasta is a thing…

It’s true courgettes (or zucchinis for the Americans) make pasta and it’s pretty tasty! It’s also low carb and gluten free – hurrah! I’m pretty proud of myself because on my first attempt it worked and here’s how I did it (with photos of my works so you can judge for yourselves)!

First I bought this… 

It’s a great contraption that helps you get the courgette into the right shape. You cut off the ends of your courgette, stick it in the top and twist. You can got for either slices or thin strips like noodles. I went for noodles. There’s a tiny bit of elbow grease needed for the turning of the courgette but it works pretty efficiently.

When you have your courgette pasta/noodles I cooked some bacon in a pan and when it was sizzling nicely I added the noodles with some salt and pepper. I gave this a couple of minutes  in the pan (obvs make sure the bacon is cooked) and then added half a cup of water and let it all cook for 7-8mins. I also added some cooked ham (extra meat!) and olives. Then I dished up and stirred some pesto through it all. 

And here it is… 

And let’s go in for a close-up

A Love So Strong It Gives Off A Pong!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my one,

This won’t be a huge valentines pun,

I just wanted to tell you that you’re the best,

And I am not writing sarcastically or in jest,

You’re always there when I need you,

You’re so chilled but sometimes blue,

Before bed I like to have a nibble,

Sometimes just seeing you makes me dribble,

You fill my dreams vividly at night,

I’d do anything for a bite,

How can I resist you, you are such a tease,

I’m dairy intolerant but I love cheese!

My New Favourite London Cafe: Daisy Green

Gluten and dairy free eating can be difficult even in health conscious London! Whenever I find anywhere with yummy dairy and gluten free options my stomach does a little victory dance. But when I found Daisy Green; a boutique cafe with yummy gluten and dairy free options, friendly staff and a cosy atmosphere it wasn’t just my stomach doing a victory dance!


I went for a chicken breast skewer with roasted butternut squash and puy lentils and chickpeas. It was delicious. I nearly fell off my chair when I tried the butternut squash (in a good way), it felt like my fork was diving into a luxury pudding! This was all washed down with Earl Grey tea with soya milk and they were more than happy to give me a soya milk top up as I like my tea milky.

I am on a “drink more water” drive and they even had that covered!


There’s also gorgeous cakes for the sweet of tooth and a nice Valentines themed collection!



Check them out:
Daisy Green
20 Seymour Street


Are you a Foodie?

“I’m a foodie”, what does that mean,

Drizzling, sizzling and plate wiping from what I glean,

It’s not so much eating as talking and reading food,

And then there’s the Chefs that are just plain rude,

Our food is dissected into lots of groups,

Carbohydrates, protein, veg and fruits,

Then there are food fashions and things you can’t pronounce,

Quinoa and Bulga wheat must be said with a flounce,

Super foods to me just aren’t very super,

They are more like boring Clark Kent than a super trooper,

Of food types and combinations there’s just too many,

Look, as long as it tastes nice I’ll stick it in my belly.