Hey, I am an award-winning British comedian and actress (flicks hair back like she’s cool) and I have problems with dairy (puts hand over bloated stomach).

I blog for Huffington Post Comedy and Time Out but this lil blog is all mine and all for fun. I write comedy rhyming poems about crazy news stories and just life to keep myself amused. I also write life pieces about the ups and downs of it all. I love featuring brands and cool companies so let me know if you have something I should write about!

I also pop up on TV and in film so keep an eye out – I’ve been on Silent Witness, The Crown and Call he Midwife. Oh and keep an ear out too as I love chatting on the radio like on Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4, Radio X, Absolute Radio and BBC London. Read more on Wikipedia

Head to my website for more info and to watch me do some drama darrrling. www.samanthabaines.com

Do say hello on twitter: @samanthabaines

And LIKE ME (#needy) on facebook: www.facebook.com/samanthabainesactress


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