Towel Day (❤️ Douglas Adams)


That’s 25th May,

Is officially known as Towel Day,

No put those sanitary items away,

So pay attention strags and hitchikers alike,

Because strags are just people who dream of hitching a hike,

You know the things you use to mop up sweat,

Or what you’d carry a dead cat in to the vet,

Somethingwith which you can lie on the beaches of Santraginus V,

And imagine all the stars you’d see,

Sleeping under your towel on Kakrafoon,

So a towel is massively useful – more so than a spoon,

Although you may become a spoon when using the improbability drive,

Don’t we all wish that blue whale was still alive,

But spoons and whales cannot compare,

To that thing you use to dry your hair,

As Adams worshippers go if you are devout,

You will ensure you are never without,

But sometimes needs must and you need to keep it small,

And surely any towel is better than no towel at all?


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