Westminster attack

I wasn’t there but I was near,

At Oxford Circus we didn’t hear,

Everything seemed ‘normal’ until I got a text,

Is everyone okay? What happens next?

The news seemed to be reporting something far off and strange,

But at that moment I felt the change,

The coverage was pounded out dominating our screens,

Images of those shocking and horrifying scenes,

London had a hush like never before,

Not since our transport was hit and before that the war,

Travelling into Westminster the streets were empty,

Moving against a stream of about twenty,

Who were all leaving the area heavily heading home,

This was not a place to wander, not the time for a roam,

Helicopters were buzzing and filling the skies,

Sirens blaring and weary Policeman’s eyes, 

I grabbed a tea in a Pret and felt a little tense,

Soon comforted by the Police presence,

The officers popped in for a coffee such a commonplace thing,

But today it seemed importantly ordinary – something with which to cling, 

The country and the world send love to everyone affected,

Such an awful day for anyone connected, 

We have opened our hearts and many have prayed,

To those who would terrorise us we say #wearenotafraid 

I know my poems are usually light-hearted and funny but it felt important to mention the events in London today. Hope you don’t mind a bit of serious poetry. xxx


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