Short mess

I just got my hair cut short,

I can no longer hide behind my hairy fort,

My face is now free for all to see,

Which means I need to cover up my spots,

But short hair on others gives me the hots,

Alas, now I’ve nothing to swing,

To headbang and ting,

Not that I do that anyway much,

There’s also less to touch,

“Why did you do it then?” you cry,

And I will tell you why,

I was mainly avoiding doing work,

So I decided to lurk,

In town,

And to flip my frown,

I thought I’d get a treat,

I’d already had something to eat,

My the hairdressers was next door,

And all that stranger’s hair on the floor,

Coaxed me in,

The price I paid was a sin,

But it’s always nice to have a posh preen,

And my face really needed a spring clean.


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