Too windy

Gosh it’s been a windy week,

Storm Doris is battering London as we speak,

I also had a photo shoot yesterday,

And so my hair didn’t get in the way,

We had a wind machine – which is my new favourite thing,

It makes me want to twirl and sing,

It’s quite 1950’s musical I’m sure you’ll agree,

The effect will be great on my poster you see,

I’m going for the pilot look – mid flight,

Because a female pilot in 1920 was a sight,

That’s what my show is about this year,

But with Storm Doris so near,

I wondered if my photographer had left the wind machine on,

And the whole of London is now wrapped up in its song,

I could hardly walk down the street with its force,

This wind is stronger than a Grand National horse,

It gets bits in your eyes and chills you to the bone,

So not quite the 1950’s musical zone,

In other news I’ve eaten a lot of cheese,

I’m intolerant but it’s not like it makes me sneeze,

Let’s just say Storm Doris isn’t the only one creating a breeze!


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