Must see: The Grand Palace, Bangkok

The Grand Palace is one of those places you just have to visit in your lifetime of all the things to do in Bangkok it should be top of your list. It’s utterly majestic, had more spikes than a porcupine and it’s really really gold! Rightly named the GRAND palace it’s a sprawling collection of beautiful mosaic/tile work, stunning architecture and did I mention … just a little bit of gold leaf 😝

You can get there via the river taxi which is a brilliant way to see some of Bangkok and is super cheap (the one I took was 40 baht on way) and then it’s a short walk to the palace.

You need to cover up to get into the Grand Palace – trousers for men and skirts or trousers for the women, your knees need to be covered as well as your shoulders. Men beware you can’t pop a sarong over your shorts, alas David Beckham would not be welcome here, it needs to be proper trousers. Ladies you don’t need to cover your hair like I have above I just did that as my hair is black so my head gets rather hot in the heat! 

One of the main attractions is the Emerald Buddha (which you can’t take pictures of and is actually made of jade) and is housed in the most ornate of temple buildings. You must take off your shoes before entering and the Buddha sits high surrounded by gold oranaments and murals on the walls – it’s pretty spectacular. The Emerald Buddha was covered in a gold cloak when we saw it and there is a ceremony three times a year (Spring, Summer and Winter) and the King changes the Buddha’s clothes.

The tiles are hand painted and when we were there we saw someone touching them up where tourists have damaged the paintwork. 

Around the edges of the Grand Palace there are places of worship, with statues of monks and places to leave offerings. It’s important to remember that this is a sacred place to the Thai people and to Buddhists and to give the place your respect. 

This was my highlight of Bangkok and definitely worth a visit. Check the opening times when you travel as it closes at 3.30pm and tickets are 500 baht.

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