Pyjamas drama in Tesco

Two women wore their pyjamas to a Tesco,

It’s not like they were going al fresco,

It’s indoors and they just popped in for a snack,

They were fully covered front and back,

And a fella got rather annoyed,

And heading to social media where he employed –

His ranting skills to call them disgusting,

A post which has started combusting,

Well, ‘going viral’ is what I think we call it,

But bursting into flame seems a better fit,

He even took a photo of the unsuspecting women,

When they were just relaxing, shopping and chilling,

Is it so wrong to sneak out in your jammies?

What if they were a couple of grannys?

Should we rid them of their right to be comfy whilst they shop,

Why be so bothered by a choice of pants and top,

It’s not quite shopping in a negligee,

That would turn a few heads your way,

But each to their own just wear what you like, 

Pyjamas, or shorts or a tracksuit by Nike,

It’s not exactly a trip to the opera or a fancy night out,

Anyway everything looks great with a pout!


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