Married and clueless

When you get married you become a love guru,

Single friends in their masses turn to you,

I am sorry but I don’t know what he means in that text,

Or where you should take him on a date next,

Truth is I didn’t snare anyone at all,

It just happened and he was fun and we had a ball,

We fell in love but I’ve no idea how,

And yes we argue then and now,

Tinder looks fun all that swiping left and right,

I can’t tell from her photo if she’ll snore all through the night,

And if she does will it really matter,

You’ll get ear plugs and ignore the clatter,

It’s hard to advise when I don’t have the answers,

I’m no longer in the pool of dating freelancers,

I know that’s not useful and really annoying,

But we need to hear from someone who is employing,

Something will just click and you’ll think they are nice,

Don’t listen to anyone is my advice,

We all have opinions but you know what works for you,

Someone who loves you and who you love too,

I wish this for you and all of my friends,

My relationship ain’t perfect but we are best friends,

But enough of the soppiness it must be the time of year,

Let’s down a mulled wine and eat ourselves silly with good cheer.


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