Guest poem by TV actor Lewis Reeves

2016, oh what a year it’s been, some of the things we’ve heard and read have quite honestly been obscene. 

North Korea begins the year by launching a rocket into space. 

With Trump in charge and Korea all armed I’ll try and keep a smile upon my face. 

Here in the U.K. Our politicians don’t seem to have a clue. In or out or out or in. 

Cameron? Oh I don’t know, it’s all up to you?!

“Give the people a referendum, to show that we respect them!” 

Boris stood up, Cameron stepped down triggering more unwanted Tory attention. 

Why couldn’t their parents on their respective fruitful nights just have worn some contraception. 

Great Britain now heading for a European exit Farage entwined with Boris leading us in this glorious thing called brexit. 

Oh no wait! They’ve both on victory just resigned, leaving us with a pat on the back and a “erm…I’m sure you’ll all be just fine”.

Wow! Did my head just take a bump, what an absolute incredible mess of a month. 

Oh and let’s not forget our dear old Jeremy Hunt but I shall shunt and be not so blunt to go for the obvious rhyme though i did think of having a punt. 

With a few swipes of his pen he tears the NHS to bits and Branson swooping in on private Virgin planes I don’t think Shakespeare could write these scripts. 

Then there’s the people we’ve lost who truly deserve our contemplation – the ones we look to, who’ve changed generations with there inspiration. 

A starman left taking with him a Prince and other stars to the sky Alan Rickman, Victoria Wood, Johan Cruff, Ronnie Corbett to mention a few, this year really blows my mind. 

So yes this year may have seemed a little tough and obscene and we all may feel somewhat let down by 2016. 

But then I remember that though a lot has changed, a lot still remains the same. We all have the power, we all must trust each other and not run out of steam. 

So I for one will keep the faith and look forward – not back, to 2017. 
You may have seen Lewis in TV shows like Crazyhead, Lee Nelson’s Well Funny People and Misfits. You can follow him on twitter @lewisreeves1


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