Tea-total : Yorkshire Tea wins twitter 

A man was being an arse on twitter to Yorkshire Tea,
They told him it was grown underground in Dewsbury,

He seem to be troubled about the origin of the leaves,

Imagining Yorkshire Tea to be thieves,

Of the good name of Yorkshire and the north,

So YT eloquently told him to piss orf,

And reminded this angry young chap,

That whilst in England we drink tea on tap,

We don’t grow it here because of the weather,

Tea leaves don’t pop up in patches of heather,

And whilst it’s grown elsewhere,

Saying it’s of Yorkshire is still fair,

As that’s where they honed the blend,

And make the packaging so they would not bend,

On the fact it’s propa Northern stock,

He was stuck between a hard place and a rock,

So they offered to send him a cuppa,

And his trolling they did scupper,

He even said sorry at the end,

That’s good social media my friend,

I bet he normally shoves silly milky tea in his mouth,

And he’s probably from the South!


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