An Awesome Space Ride

Dear Sally you were an awesome Ride,

No not like that – put those dirty thoughts aside,

I’m talking about the first American woman in space,

And yes Valentina Tereshkova beat her in the space race,

But when it comes to possible names of rides in a park,

Sally you’ll always get my mark,

I’d much rather go on the Sally Ride,

Than take my chances on the Valentina slide,

Don’t get me wrong I’ve nothing against Russia at all,

When it comes to space they were ahead of us all,

It’s just that Sally seems closer to me,

Our name even starts with the same letters you see,

She was also brought up on religion and was good at sport,

Okay well scrap the second – I’m not that sort,

I guess I wish that we’d have been mates,

We could have been if we swapped a few dates,

She went into space four years before I came about,

And she died when we had the Olympics to flout,

After her space trip she used her fame,

Not to sell perfumes or to to play the celeb game,

She set up a programme to educate the young,

Targeting the kids who went unsung,

Girls in science was her focus, 

To challenge the gender stereotype locus,

So Sally was a cool rider,

Not like Michelle Pfeiffer but a space surviver,

An inspiring woman I wish I met,

I’m not the only one in the Ride fan net,

The Beatles wanted a Ticket to Ride,

Even Beiber (the secret feminist) wanted Sally by his side,

Just look at the lyrics of his song Ride,

“we could go to the moon and through the air…I just wanna ride”

So as her obsessive best friend who got there late,

Here’s a poem to lay at her heavenly gate,

And if she fancies a ride out of heaven for a day,

I’d be happy to give her a charm bracelet and show her the way.


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