National Poetry Day

Opportunities arise on National Poetry Day,

To express yourself in a flowery way,

But poetry isn’t all blossoms and blooms,

There is also struggles and woe and empty rooms,

There’s rhyming poems which I quite like,

Choose your words carefully or it’s quite the hike,

To find something that will rhyme,

And make sense at the same time,

Some poems are short; only 3 lines long,

Some are fuller and sound like a song,

Sometimes spoken and sometime read,

And sometimes secreted under your bed,

That’s the place for the porn type ones,

Or publish it as ’50 rhymes with grey’ just for fun,

And then there are the poems about poems which are very weird,

A circle of poetry nothingness which should be feared,

You can’t write the thing about doing the thing,

At least make it different; add a tube and sing,

I have failed on all of the above,

I should of written a poem about looking for love,

Instead I chose this meta-poem because I am wordy and cool,

And I learnt the word meta at school,

Maybe one day I’ll take my rhymes,

And move on to flowerier times,

But today’s that special poetry day,

So poetry police be on you way,

My meta-poem is here to stay! 

(Ohhh triple rhyme)


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