Yacht lessons

What I learned from my time on a yacht,

Is that you can still feel sea-sick in a squat,

Cabin fever is a thing and alive and well,

Captains have great stories to tell,

Living in luxury is actually great,

Yacht crews don’t care if you stumble in late,

The sea can be bumpy even when it looks still,

A day spent at sea is the best sleeping pill,

My hair likes the sea a little to much,

It expands and expands hoping to get a touch,

Of that salty water so clear and blue,

So it really gets in the way if you spew, 

The main thing about being surrounded by sea in a yacht,

Is it’s bloody hot,

And if you look like a vampire – all delicate and pale,

You will burn the second you set sail,

That’s all after a multi-million dollar spend,

But when it comes to boats does it need to be high end?

If you want the experience of being afloat,

You’d do just as well in a little row boat.


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