Is my brain pink?

The Science Museum in London is in the press,

Over an exhibit had been causing the marketing team a lot of stress,

You see, they have a game with a brain,

Which is smearing a sexist stain,

They’ve coloured the brain pink and blue,

Separating the differences between me and you,

Into male and female al la blue and pink,

And it’s causing quite a stink,

You are tested as to whether you brain is more typically like lady or man,

But can brains scientifically have a gender? Nope, they don’t think they can!

It’s been called ‘junk science’ and outdated,

But it’s for education so of course it’s been slated,

And surely all of our brains are fleshy and pink,

But they can feel a bit blue sometimes (wink wink),

Can gender be symbolised as a colour any more?

Pink is like a bit of skin that’s sore,

Blue is like someone who is cold,

Nope, I’m not sold-

The thing that represents my gene,

Is a lovely greeny aquamarine. Why not?!


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