High time in Colorado 

You’ve heard of hash brownie,

To get you high if you are having a downie,

Well who knew hash water was a thing,

If you’d like some give the residents of Colorado a ring,

Their well was contaminated with marijuana,

Well, well, time for drinkies do you wanna?

Yep, apparently people still use wells,

They are not just in films with spells,

Or for finding lost children with a hero dog,

Or for falling down in a creepy fog,

A well is the original water supply,

So it’s exactly where you’d go to get your town high,

But the police in Hugo Colorado cottoned on,

They said drinking the water would be wrong,

“It’s not a time for free thrills”,

“Don’t drink this water with pills”,

Apparently the side affects could be rather scary,

Like a psychotic episode of Little House on the Prairie,

All I’d say is grab something you can munch,

This could happen in London – look I’ve got a hunch!


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