Pokemon Go Cheat

Evan thought he was playing an innocent game of Pokemon Go,

Oh no Evan – really just no,

Following the latest gaming trend,

He popped around to see his ex girlfriend,

He caught some Pokemon whilst he was there, 

It’s worse than finding a stray hair,

Or a smell of perfume that isn’t yours,

Who knew catching Pokemon could start wars,

His current girlfriend got a notification via the app,

It told her exactly where to find her chap,

And he wasn’t just there to catch a Squirtle,

Or maybe he kinda was – he’s young and fertile,

Cheating via an app is an idiot action – I disapprove,

And no ‘idiot action’ is not a Pokemon battle move,

The ‘catch ’em all’ slogan applies to your pokedex,

Not to women and definitely not to your ex!


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