Pokemon – off you go

I’ve just downloaded Pokemon Go,

The media have been calling it quite the show,

Augmented reality on your phone,

Catch cartoon characters whilst you roam,

I must admit it’s rather fun,

A computer game without a gun,

You see balls are all you need,

To fulfill your Pokemon greed,

I found a Magikarp at the shops,

Playing on the tube really is tops,

Less effort and more Pokemon buck,

Although seeing all the Pokemon that you are missing does kinda suck,

I caught a Wild Pidgey at Stratford Station,

I can see why the craze is sweeping the nation!

There’s a lot of Drowzee’s near my house,

It’s a competition so I’m not telling my spouse,

My goal is Pikachu – what a catch,

He’d do me well in my first trainer match,

But fighting Pokemon doesn’t seem right,

They are cute and challenged in height,

Maybe all the trainers could make amends,

Then we could just catch us some cartoon friends. 


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