Invisible celebs

Do you love Harry Potter as much as me?

One of my favourites: the cloak of visibility,

If you thought there is only one,

I’ll tell you something that will stun,

They are selling them for 289 pounds,

And they are doing the celeb rounds,

But it doesn’t work as well as Harry’s,

So they won’t all be happy Larrys,

It does reflect the light,

So photographers will get a fright,

When their flash goes off,

The celeb will scoff,

As the reflective scarf will ruin their picture,

Meaning said photo will not be a fixture-

In any newspapers or magazines,

Yes this scarf is more than it seems,

I bet this will you a laugh, 

But when I heard of this reflective scarf,

I didn’t think reflective as in light,

And try as I might,

I can’t rid the image of a thoughtful scarf – and just to check,

Will it be pondering life whilst it hangs round my neck.


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