British people can’t say three

Let’s count together: one and two,

What’s comes next – I thought I knew,

New research says we have troubles with the next number,

Yes many Britians are experiencing a language blunder,

In stead of pronouncing the H and the T,

Those first two letters plain for all to see,

People have decided to swap it for an F,

When it comes to the ‘TH’ sound we’ve gone a bit deaf,

Apparently all our accents are merging into one,

But personally I think accents are rather fun,

What a shame if we all start sounding the same,

We’d all south like we’re from South East London what a shame,

I mean that’s where I’m from so it wouldn’t trouble me,

But surely a varied accent palate is the key,

I think people can say three with an F if they like,

I will still listen to their counting – they don’t need to take a hike,

I will stick with TH – I like to follow the rules you see,

And for me the most important is the rule of THree!


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