A cheese chased (literally)


Image: BBC 
Have you ever tried catching cheese?

It’s not like chasing your latest squeeze,

It’s a sporting event when it comes to cheese,

Yep what a dairy tease,

Every year in Gloucester they roll –

It down a hill: not that of a mole,

It’s 1:2 gradient slope,

And a team of men filled with hope,

Who will catch the cheesey prize,

The thousand spectators seem wise,

To watch it sounds like a laugh,

Rather than stumbling like a baby giraffe,

Most of them roll down the hill,

But they do it of their own free will,

This year a soldier won the race, 

With his training and speedy pace,

Well next to war it seems easy,

And his victory photo maybe cheesy,

But what endears me to this man,

Is when it comes to cheese he’s not a fan,

Never the less he said he feels grate, 

I mean you Gouda Brie kidding me?!

Read the full story here!


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