Cat President at University

We would all love to honour our pets,

For their love, and hair loss and for peeing on vets,

The University of Southhampton have found a unique reward,

Yes it’s just the one cat all the students can afford,

Their beloved University cat is called Susu,

Appearing as a skinny thing they didn’t tell it to shoo,

In 2002 the porters started to feed it scraps,

I hope Susu is careful where she craps,

Susu enjoyed campus life so much,

She’s stayed and has become a University crutch,

Reducing student’s stress levels is Susu’s main role,

A job which must surely take its toll,

So they decided to make her Honourary President of the SU,

A cat as a president – what a coup,

She won by one hundred and seventy six votes to eighty six,

Those 86 need to re-evaluate where they get their kicks,

A purrrrfect (or pawfect) president many agree,

Until she starts scratching at your policy tree, 

Too much power can get to a kitty’s head,

She becomes aloof and starts to wee in your bed,

Cats are walking all over us – we are a human door-mat,

So when will David Cameron be usurped by a cat.


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