The Eiffel Tower sings!

Who knew towers could sing,

Well they can and it is quite the thing,

It’s the Eiffel Tower no less,

But I must confess,

When I went up it in 2013,

Whilst it was one of the best views I’ve seen,

It didn’t exactly sound in key,

In fact it sounded like stormy sea,

Well all you could hear was the wind,

And if they’ve recorded that it should be binned,

But composer Joseph Bertolozzi has done more,

He’s actually played the walls and the floor,

He’s banged and strummed – the tower that is,

He’s a vibrational wizz,

Seeing him play the structure would have been quite a sight, 

And do you know what? He’s pitched it just right,

I bet he’s never recorded with such a view,

Let’s just hope his music playing didn’t cause a queue! 


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