Animals get their own back

CERN has shut down the Large Hadron Collider,

Because of a extremely weasely insider, 

It’s only for a couple of days,

Whilst they check for more rodent strays,

You see a weasel found its way in,

And committed a large science sin,

It chewed through a 66,000 volt cable,

And ended up on a vets table,

For a circuit intent on proving the ‘God particle’,

I do find it quite remarkable,

That it has accidentally killed,

Do you think it’s God willed,

I do hope Ratty and Toad are okay,

Weasel was always the villain in that play.
Animals just don’t seem to like LHC,

They are on a rampant destruction spree,

A pigeon even had a go,

Yes even a bird ruined the show,

It broke the capacitor by dropping some baguette,

Has this bird lost its little French tête,

A fresh baguette from France,

You would never lose by chance,

No, the animals are taking back control,

And it’s scientists who will feel the toll,

For centuries they’ve been hibernating and resting,

And now they’ll get their own backs for all that animal testing,

I can’t imagine a 17mile long circuit will win the fight,

When the rodents of air and ground unite!


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