Ketchup & chips plant

The Netherlands have produced an array of wonderful stuff,

But beating this one would be rather tough,

A plant that’ll give you ketchup and chips,

“How” we cry! “Give us your growing tips!”

Well it’s a real thing, come Monday you can buy,

And let me tell you – it’s no small fry,

Although you’ll have to do a bit of work,

It doesn’t actually grow chips – that would be berserk,

Growing a sauce would also be pretty hard,

But the brilliance of the plant should not be marred,

One plant that produces potatoes AND tomatoes,

No need for an allotment, packets of seeds and hoes,

You can grow it in your tiny London flat,

Just keep it safe from your house cat, 

It grows quite tall so do remove your ceiling fan,

Unless you are happy to end up with a sliced tomato floor plan,

You see tomatoes grow on top juicy and round,

 And the potatoes grow below – under the ground,

For the name they have brought together  the two veg as one,

Not Potomatoe which such sounds quite fun,

They’ve gone for TomTato – yep they’ve give it a bash,

It’s sounds like a GPS system – yes it’s quite the word mash. 
Read the actual news story here:


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