Mattress cheat

Ever wondered if your partner is a cheat,

Well there’s some furniture I’d like you to meet,

There’s a mattress than help you tell,

Yes it’s quite a sell,

The brand have really thought about their USP,

That’s their unique selling point you see,

It sends you a notification to your app,

Helping you lay a honey trap,

But I’m not sure if I want my bed,

To always be one step ahead,

Giving our furniture new skills,

Will only add to our bills,

Their slogan: “If your partner isn’t faithful at least your mattress is”,

How do you know? I’m getting in quite a tiz,

I’ve got a mattress to tell me about my fella’s commitment,

How do I know my mattress is resistant,

To the charms of other bed mates,

You see my housemate is on lates,

My mattress might be cheating on me with him,

What a violation and a sin,

If I want to check on a daytime bed creeper,

I’ll install hidden cameras it’s much cheaper.

Read the full news story here:


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