Crime Foiled

Policia Militar

Brazil is know for its carnival hurrah,

But two men have taken it a little too far,

They just like dressing up too much,

For the carnival and work and such,

So they dressed in tin foil to rob a bank,

And no it wasn’t even a prank,

Head to toe covered in foil,

Quick let me grab a salmon fillet and some oil,

But no they were not up for steaming,

It was money they were after thieving,

Apparently the fancy dress would fool the alarm,

And they would be rich and free from harm,

It worked as far as the alarm goes,

But security men soon spotted these foes,

I mean who wouldnt spot some shiny men,

Catching the lights and especially when –

Their outfits would make such a din,

Two adult men crawling in tin,

When they were spotted they decided to flee,

Two tin men running back to their Dorothy. 

Read the actual news story:


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