A Sexy Bomb? 

Bomb disposal experts were on high alert,

But no one in Berlin was going to be hurt,

They were called to a video games arcade,

A staff member was suspicious and couldn’t be swayed,

There was a strange noise coming from a bin,

In their toilet no less – creating quite a din,

The buzzing noise caused alarm,

So they evacuated the place to avoid harm,

The surrounding offices and buildings too,

Ninty people were moved because of a sound in a loo, 
The disposal experts stormed on site,

Ready to save the day if the bomb put up a fight,

On lifting the lid they discovered the error,

There was no need for evacuations and no need for terror,

Because you see it was all a ploy,

Some had left a vibrating sex toy,

But it wasn’t an accident – the police are sure,

Who would leave a sex toy on the floor,

More than that who would leave it switched on in a bin,

Letting the bin have some fun isn’t a sin,

They think it was a test of the bomb teams,

A criminal is behind it – it’s not how it seems,

They didn’t for one second assume,

The gamers could be having fun in that room,

Arcade gamers just play games one after another,

And are far too busy to play with a sex toy or each other.

Read the full news story here


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