Impuuuurfect post

Has your cat ever wanted to travel,

Is it bored of your house and the surrounding gravel?

It wants to see new sights,

Be dazzled by the lights,

Well it won’t want to travel by post,

Although I’m sure Royal Mail are a delightful host,

One kitty got the chance,

But she didn’t get as far as France,

West Sussex was Cupcake’s destination,

That’s 260miles from her original station,

You see her owner accidentally sent her with some DVDs,

Thank goodness it’s Spring so she didn’t freeze,

Trapped in a box for eights days,

For Cupcake it was a dehydrated haze,

Her owner was thrilled to have her back,

Although I’m suprised Cupcake didn’t give her the sack, 

Don’t sent your pussy away,

Be it for a year or a day,

And if you are sending a parcel always look,

Check if there’s a cat hiding in a nook,

To Cupcake, be careful where you sleep,

You may be counting sheep,

But know one will hear you wail,

When your celloptaped in a cardboard jail.

❤️ to Cupcake and her owner xx

Here is the full story:


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