Hacking your bits

Depending on your sexual penchant,

There might be a sex toy you have or what,

And whilst they can be fun for you,

There’s a chance others might join in too,

Increasingly sex toys are connected to the Internet,

Yes, so be careful which glittery dildo you get,

Because hackers don’t just want your credit card,

Even your vibrator needs a spyware guard, 

People are hacking into our sexual pleasure,

Is there nothing any longer we can treasure,

Without internet hacking trolls visiting your bedroom,

Or maybe you prefer doing in your wet-room,

We’ll have to write ‘Keep Out’ under our bridges,

Swat them like sex pest midges,

Because not only will they hack your bits,

They blackmail the suppliers the little sh*ts,

Because penetrating our personal time isn’t enough,

They need money and some blow up … stuff

Read the full story here: http://metro.co.uk/2016/03/15/hackers-could-take-over-your-dildo-and-make-it-go-berserk-expert-warns-5754496/?ito=twitter


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