Photo credit: Mashable 

There’s a new book that you really must read,

And no I’ve not been smoking a potent batch of weed, 

GoatMan: How I Took A Holiday From Being a Human is the book,

I’d like to know the drugs this man took,

To believe he should live as a goat, 

Why not a leopard or stoat?

Apparently he wanted some time out from life’s stress,

Maybe his life was becoming a mess,

So he decided to live as an animal in a field,

He even got an arts grant so his fate was sealed,

He got some prosthetics that look like goats hooves,

Then popped to the Alps to show the goats his moves,

He even ate grass,

To help time pass,

It took him the term of a pregnancy to complete this feat,

9 months and the outcome wasn’t as sweet,

I’m sure the £1,200 it cost could have been better spent,

But then again he didn’t have to pay rent,

And this story is made all the more silly,

When you find out that GoatMan isn’t even called Billy.

Read the full story here: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/weird-news/thomas-thwaites-man-who-lived-as-a-goat-explains-why-and-says-it-was-a-special-kind-of-time-a6892871.html


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