Spam-man needs your help

There’s a spam-man waiting in the sky, 

He’d like to come and meet us (oh David Bowie -sigh),

A new low or should I say high has hit the email spam world, 

Yes this new space scam has been unfurled,

You see there is a clearly totally ‘legit’ spaceman,

Who has tried as hard as he can,

To get back to Earth – as he’s been left behind in space,

Yes it’s an odd case, 

You’d think space agencies would be good at that sort of thing,

Remembering what crew to bring,

He’s been living off delivered supplies,

Why did his space agency not answer to his replies? 

Erm obviously because he is be of those Russian space spies,

And all the African Major/ spy astronaut needs,

Is for your to take the lead,

And send him your hard earned cash,

Then he’ll be back to Earth in a flash,

And as your reward,

You’ll get ten percent of his space hoard, 

Don’t be taken for this spamtacular ride,

Go and tweet British astronaut Tim Peake if you are starry eyed. 


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