Horse selfie gone bad

Image: Huffingon Post
A man and his son won a holiday,

Until a grumpy horse owner had her say,

The Thompson competition was called ‘Make Me Smile’,

Ironic that horse owner is now spitting bile,

The task was to take a selfie that induces a grin,

Father and son made a horse smile for their win,

They were thrilled when they got a voucher for a free trip, 

But the unfriendly horse owner got a tip,

She riled about her loss on Facebook, 

“It’s my horse and they didn’t ask permission” was the main hook, 

The post only got 15 likes,

Many of her friends added their gripes, 

Now Thompson have listened to the horse owners complaint,

But their decision was not altered by her taint, 

Father and son still have their vouchers and meanwhile,

The horse owner is wondering why she can never make her own horse smile. 


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