Yoghurt attack

Crochet and crochet and double crochet,

Alison Nurton gets students on their way,

Crafting is her creative bag,

Not mopping up yoghurt with a crocheted rag,

So when a convertible drove through her Dorset town,

She didn’t bat an eyelid, didn’t even look down,

But the cars crafty owner had a yoghurt pot,

What he’s got against yoghurt we know not,

He threw the milky treat out of his car,

Aiming for Miss Nurton from afar,

He covered her in yoghurt -head to toe,

And even her crafting shop got a yoghurt glow,

Shaken and dripping with this dairy Ebola,

She didn’t even have any granola,

She didn’t enjoy wiping yoghurt off her awning,

You see she’d already had breakfast earlier that morning,

The man attacked a pub in Dorset later that day,

“Oh arrh we’ve got enough cream here be on your way”.


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