Load It Up

Some men on the Internet are silly,

When they’re not sending snaps of their willy,

Some like to ask girls for nude pics,

Yep, it’s how they get their internet kicks,

A man kept asking a lady whose name on Twitter is @Jwzayn,

He sounds like a right pain,

So she concocted an ingenious plan,

To fool this nude hungry man,

She sent him an image of a photo loading,

As a response to all his goading, 

But the guy didn’t get the joke,

He even thought his phone was broke,

And asked her to send it again,

Oh these boob obsessed men!

To Jwzayn we say hurrah,

Sending you respect from afar,

Not only did you conquer the nude pic,

It sounds like you fooled a bit of a …


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