Travel: Visit the Golden Circle, Iceland 

Beautiful views – a great day out!

In some ways I enjoyed the driving of the Golden Circle route more than stopping off to see the places of interest. The views were amazing as soon as you got out of Reykjavik and at one point it looked like we were driving on clouds – like the end of the film Grease #winning 
The route takes you through the National Park and there is a cafe where you can stop and enjoy the hot drinks and a much needed loo break – ever the Brit I had several cups of tea before we set off! 

After the National Park we stopped at the Geyser (Geysir) which shoots hot water into the air every 4-5mins. The views there were totally Instagram worthy. 

Beware of the ice as you walk round the Geyser. I saw many people find themselves in an unplanned ice-skating scenario with painful consequences.

There’s a lovely cafe and huge gift shop at the Geysir but be ready to spend those Kronas as two coffees and cakes will set you back around £15! Ouch.

Next stop is the huge waterfall – that is some powerful water! There is a viewing platform at a higher level with amazing views but I avoided it as the stairs were treacherously icy: it’s ICEland afterall.

There are even more stops to keep you occupied on the Golden Circle route but we had to miss some out due to the shortened daylight hours and having too much of a lie in! But there’s more to enjoy if you are an early riser. 

There is quite a lot of driving so be ready for that. You can break up the journey by stopping by the side of the road to say hello to these fellas… 
There are friendly horses in fields at several points along the Golden Circle so be sure to stop and say hello. 

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Photo credits: Samantha Baines (me)


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