Travel: the Blue Lagoon in Iceland 

 One of my absolute highlights whilst in Iceland! 

We rented a car and drove from Reykjavik to the Blue Lagoon (it only took about 40mins) and the views on the drive are definitely Instagram worthy. It also means you don’t have to be hearded into a coach with other smelly tourists and an overly charismatic and tip hungry guides.

BOOK IN ADVANCE – do book as it gets very busy. 

I’d recommend the ‘Comfort Package’: it comes with a towel, a free drink, moisturiser (which you will need afterwards as well as some drinking water) and an amazing algae face mask that you use in the lagoon. The algae face mask is properly amazing and will leave you smoother than any part of a baby …let alone just its bottom. 

There is a bar in the lagoon and with the comfort package you get your most expensive drink free – nice! 

The lagoon is blue in colour but looks white up close because of all those good-for-you minerals. There is also a white paste by the sides of the lagoon in bowls that you can use as a face mask but careful with dry skin as it can tingle! 

You can happily spend several hours in the lagoon and there is a cafe (and a restaurant which is more expensive) for a spot of lunch dinner.


Flip flops :

are useful as the floor is cold but not essential 

A towel robe:

is a great idea as it keeps you much warmer than a skimpy towel. Although it’s hard to keep track of whose robe and towel is whose and you tend to just grab the nearest thing. You could be cheeky and just grab the nearest robe when you stumble out!


keep your hair out of the water as the minerals will seriously dry it out. Cover it in conditioner before you go in and leave it in your hair throughout your time in the lagoon. 


there is shower gel and conditioner provided but not shampoo so you might want to bring your own. 


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