Travel: Reykjavik (Iceland) in pictures

What a New Years Eve celebration! It will go down in the Baines chronicles as one of the best New Years I have ever had! 

We brought our own booze (as it’s shockingly expensive in Iceland) and headed to the cathedral where we watched the midnight fireworks light up the sky! 

There are also random huge bonfires around the country on New Years Eve just because. We just jumped in a taxi and asked the taxi driver to take us to the nearest one. I felt like I was in Game of Thrones (Song of Fire and Ice) but be careful of singed eyebrows if you get too close and the wind changes.

On New Year’s Day we had a stroll around Reykjavik (a lot of the shops are closed but cafes are still open). The views are beautiful! There is a great walk along the seafront to the harbour.


This is a sculpture on the seafront called the Sea Voyager – I call it a forking ship. There is a lovely description alongside it which says “we all have our dream boat to sail away in. This is my interpretation”.  
We also saw the Harpa on our stroll which is a concert and meeting hall. Funky architecture and a whole lotta glass. 

It snowed gorgeous powdery snow and I was glad of my warm coat bought in the Next sale! Yes I do feel a bit smug as it was half price!

Next for food…

I read that this place does the best hotdogs in Iceland and possible the world – big claim! Apparently Bill Clinton agrees that they are the best – make of that what you will. It’s called Baejarin Betzu, it’s by the harbour in and there is always a queue.

They sell two things: hotdogs and soda but why complicate things – I like their confidence. Not sure if they are the best in the world but they are definitely worth the queue. Three sauces and two types of onions: crispy and the regular kind. Yum.
Also spotted this little fella hand thought he was worth featuring in the blog!

Do follow me on Twitter and let me know your Iceland recommendations in the comments as I’ve got a few more days here! 


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