Outfit of the Week!

It’s getting hot in here! Well maybe not outside but I’m pretty toasty in my outfit of the week as its all about keeping that precious heat in!
You know I love a good bargain and my fab new coat is in the Next sale – which is great all round for coats this year! It’s terracotta in colour (no it’s not a plant pot) it’s my new padded winter coat filled with down feathers and what a bargain at £45 down from £90.

That’s not me… it’s a model who has a strangely uncomfortable looking seated pose.

Here it is in grey for something a bit subtler… (in store now)


Top tip: down feathers are the best for keeping heat in that’s why down jackets tend to be very expensive!

If you already have the perfect winter coat there are other ways to keep that heat in. I have to say that George at ASDA – bear with me – does a brilliant range of comfy thermals at brilliant prices. I went for heat insulating leggings, gloves and thermal long sleeved top coming in at under £20 for the three items! They are also very easy to wear and not scratchy like some thermals can be. They are also all black: slimming!


Right now I am off to Iceland to test them all out! 

Photos of me in Iceland in all my thermals coming soon! 
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