New Year Love

We all hope we won’t get a fright, 

When we look around at midnight,

And see who gets the year’s first kiss,

Hoping for perfect first kiss bliss,

Will we spontaneously meet the one,

Or even just a nice bit of fun,

Or will we be left with the reject,

The most hated sixth form prefect,

The no-it-all without a brain,

Enough to drive anyone insane.
No, let’s be positive and wish for someone nice,

Who smells like deliciousness and spice,

And who holds you in their arms,

And soothes your beating heart and calms –

Your fears for the new year,

Yes it’s them calming you not the beer,

And even if it doesn’t last for ever,

You can see in 2016 together,

“Happy New Year” and all the while,

You’re snogging in the new year in style!


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