Britain at its Peake

We sent a man to space,

We are finally in the space race,

It’s never to late,

For a universe date,

And the lucky man is called Tim Peake,

We launched him from Kazakstan this week,

He’s spending 6months on the ISS,

Like a winter holiday: success,

He will spend Christmas Day in space,

And in April he will even run a race,

Yep he’ll run the London marathon whilst he’s up there,

On a treadmill because he can’t really run anywhere,

We wish him a fabulous trip, 

In his gigantic space ship (it’s actually a space station)

And not to make Tim lose face, 

But he’s not actually the first Brit in space,

Like at my imaginary metaphorical space bar he’d be top barman,

But the bar manager would be Helen Sharman.



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