6 top tips for buying a leather jacket this winter

If you live in North London you mustn’t leave the house without one of these and they seem quite popular across the rest of London too. There is no snow just yet and the frost hasn’t set it so it is the perfect – cold but not too cold – time of year to shimmy into a new bit of leather that is just right for you. These are the top six tips when zipping through the tricky world of leather jacket shopping.

1. Real or make believe?

The biggest question is do you want the real thing? There are plenty of faux leather jacket options on the high street at the moment, offering a cheaper option – as leather can be pricey, without scrimping on style. Also, contrary to popular belief, pleather – as it is affectionally known, isn’t necessarily better for the environment than leather. The plastic in faux leather options is mostly made from oil, which we know causes a lot of problems for the environment. So if it the environment you are worried about it is animal product vs oil. Real leather does tend to wear better over time so can be a lasting purchase.

2. Touch test

Shopping online will never truly win when it comes to clothes as we love to touch things! Rubbing our wintery mits all over prospective fashion items brings much joy and is an important part of the buying experience. When it comes to leather jacket buying it is all about soft or stiff *ahem*. A soft leather or pleather works well for a casual jacket the sort you’d wear with jeans and ankle boots and you could even roll up the sleeves. A stiffer leather looks good on a smarter jacket, something that you might wear with a suit or business combo.

3. Collar dilemma

I need collar, collar, collar is what I need. A large collar can accentuate the shoulders, balancing out the figure and creating a V shape across the bust area which is flattering for a larger bust. A smaller/thinner collar or non-existent collar can draw attention to a slender neck and can balance out broader shoulders – although any shoulder detail can combat this and draw attention to the shoulders so beware. Do try on a few collar-less and collar-full options to see what works best for your shape.

4. Price

Leather jackets can drastically vary in price and this is usually down to the quality of the leather as well as brand of course! All Saints is a popular leather jacket brand for celebs and it known for a good quality of soft leather that wears well over time but it will set you back around £300. There are some great real leather jackets on the high street at the moment for around £150 – check out Oasis, Topshop and River Island for a good variety of jackets. There are tons of faux-leather options this year, a lot of which also have a faux fur trim to take you into the winter months. You should be able to grab a faux leather option for around £50 – check out Dorothy Perkins, Forever 21 and New Look.

5. Bellybutton coverage

Traditionally the leather biker or flying style jacket is quite short which can lead to a cold midriff. Do bear length in mind when looking for your perfect leather, a longer option or even a full length leather coat might be better for insulation. Although shorter jacket works well with dresses or fuller skirts.

6. Zip count

The biker jacket is a timeless classic in the world of leather jackets and that means zips galore. Just remember zips add detail and draw the eye so you want to avoid zips in areas you’d like to hide. Although, vertical zips on the torso create a panelling effect which elongates and tends to be flattering on all shapes. Of course zips also mean pockets which are particularly useful come winter to store gloves, lip balm and tissues for runny noses so in that case the more the better usually!

Enjoy your leather jacket shopping experience and see you in North London sometime.


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