A Titanic Biscuit

I do like a good biscuit in my tea,

Especially if that biscuit is cheap or free,

15 grand seems a stretch,

In fact it makes me wretch,

Thinking of it’s 100yr old taste,

Why didn’t they eat it back then? What a waste,

I suppose there was more to worry about on the Titanic than tea,

Like plummeting into the cold dark sea, 

Jack explicitly said he would never let go,

Perhaps this biscuit was his real beaux,

Kate Winslet sailed that door,

Lined with biscuits for,

People of 2015 to cream themselves about,

Get excited at an auction and to shout,

I bid 15 grand,

With an excited raised hand,

Making this the most valuable biscuit there is,

So this will probably feature in a pub quiz,

Has there ever been a biscuit with such clout?

Perhaps it’s the biscuit that string quartet were so sad about.


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