Selfie Stick for Dogs

Dog owners have been living in peril,

“Without any selfie’s my dog will turn feral”,

“It’s just so hard to get my pooch to look the right way”,

“All he seems to want to do is play”,

Well have no fear camera wielding owner,

Chuck that dog a bone…

A new invention is just the thing,

To show off your pooch and all it’s bling,

Finally, for dogs there is a selfie stick,

For holidays and walks just take your pick,

It’s not exactly an invention more two things glued together,

I’m not sure I would pay, some home DIY might be better,

You see all these inventors have actually done,

Is stuck a tennis ball on a phone case with a glue gun.

poochsekfue dog selfie

Photo in Evening Standard. Full article here:


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