Twitter and the UK have truly been shaken,

Because someone put a sausage into some bacon,

It’s all alleged – could it really be true?

This ham based story so crude and blue,

Could a PM really like pork so much,

To succumb to wanting a dead pig’s touch,

Apparently it was all a Uni lark,

It’s surprising they’ve managed to keep us in the dark,

We don’t actually know if #piggate happened,

But I am sure the pig population are saddened,

Now I know I am on the electoral roll,

But do I need to sign up to the bacon poll?




One thought on “Hameron

  1. Great stuff! I just hope to God the family of that pig were well compensated afterwards and that every trace of that dirty pig (with that I mean Cameron by the way) was washed away before the head got slung so it doesn’t spread!
    Enjoyed the poem, you should do one on Corbyn not singing the anthem.
    Just made a post of my own on Dave and Babe and would love to get your thoughts on my view of it being intentionally publicised if you have the time.

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