I have womanly bits!

I love fashion but as a lady with boobs (size = more than a good handful), a bottom and proper child-bearing hips it can be difficult to find clothes that flatter and fit all these lady bits. I am pretty proud of my lady bits although the ol’ stomach could be much flatter and more toned (an ongoing project). Despite my boob and rump pride I have found myself hiding behind baggy clothes as this seems the easiest option for dealing with lumps and bumps. My go to seems to be skinny jeans, high-heeled boots and some baggy top/jumper. As an actress who fits a size 12 (well depending on whether the shop follows any actual sizing system) whenever I go for costume fittings I always feel that I need to pre-warn the costume department about my hips before they try and squeeze me into something horrifically tiny or clingy. It wasn’t until I had a spat of TV jobs which were set in the 1950’s that I realised that clothes used to be made for women with an hourglass/pear figure – I found that I could wear a-line skirts and clingy jumpers and they could actually flatter my shape. No longer do I have to live behind the baggy jumper!

I have started this blog to document my journey to find gorgeous, flattering, stylish clothes for women with boobs, bums and hips (shoes and accessories will also feature). I looking after my lumps, my lumps my lovely lady lumps. Check it out!


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