Edinburgh Fringe 

Next week marks the start of the the fringe,

Yes team it’s time for a comedy binge,

Get those rain macs and comfy shoes ready,

My suitcase is full, no you can’t pack that teddy,

Trains will be filled with theatre groups and props,

We will all flood to the haggis shops,

Weeks spent flyering in the pouring rain,

Performing everyday makes us all insane,

Come to my show I’m begging you please,

Yes I will touch those wet cobbles and get down on my knees,

Falafel and pizzas at 2 in the morning,

Networking and important people fawning,

But most of all having fun with good peeps,

Making people laugh for several weeks,

I can’t bloody wait it’s going to be a blast,

And it will probably go much too fast!


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