Travel: Morocco heat!

What an amazing first day in Marrekesh! 

I found an architectural halo…


Surrounded myself with lanterns (I want a room in my house like this!)…

And visited some amazing buildings!



We also did a lot of walking! We are staying the Medina (the old town) in Marrakesh and it is wonderful and atmospheric and a huge maze! After walking for 3 hours in 36 degrees we realised the Marrakesh is not really a place you can just “have a wander” in and hope to find your way back to your hotel at the end. Top tip: get an offline map on your phone, don’t follow the signs to the main square (it takes you th long long way round) and if you let a local show you the way they’ll expect paying at the end!
After a cool down and dip in the pool and with our app and clear directions from our hotel we managed to find the main square pretty easily and had dinner overlooking the shopping hustle and bustle.



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