Waking up to a breakup

Morning breakups can be worsened by fear,

Mourning a breakup is bettered with beer,

How many tears is too many to shed,

How many tissues will litter your bed,

When will the pinch of lonliness set in,

When will dehydration effect your skin,

Are rom-coms and chocolate always the solution?

Or are they society’s break-up pollution,

Perhaps it’s a good thing: you’ll start afresh,

Yes, it’s time for a night out to show off some flesh,

How many songs have pop stars created,

To keep the loss of break-ups abated?

You’ll dance to those songs surrounded by friends,

Because the Facebook photos will make amends,

For the pain of seeing his last happy post,

His arm around that girl whilst they have Sunday roast,

He should be distraught; eyes red to the rim,

After all you are the one who broke up with him.


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