So courgette pasta is a thing…

It’s true courgettes (or zucchinis for the Americans) make pasta and it’s pretty tasty! It’s also low carb and gluten free – hurrah! I’m pretty proud of myself because on my first attempt it worked and here’s how I did it (with photos of my works so you can judge for yourselves)!

First I bought this… 

It’s a great contraption that helps you get the courgette into the right shape. You cut off the ends of your courgette, stick it in the top and twist. You can got for either slices or thin strips like noodles. I went for noodles. There’s a tiny bit of elbow grease needed for the turning of the courgette but it works pretty efficiently.

When you have your courgette pasta/noodles I cooked some bacon in a pan and when it was sizzling nicely I added the noodles with some salt and pepper. I gave this a couple of minutes  in the pan (obvs make sure the bacon is cooked) and then added half a cup of water and let it all cook for 7-8mins. I also added some cooked ham (extra meat!) and olives. Then I dished up and stirred some pesto through it all. 

And here it is… 

And let’s go in for a close-up


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